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Discussion: Re: Donations for Frank.

rcarter31 said:

This story is a full page front of The NYTimes Metropolitan Section for Sunday April 14!

It was a good article.  I imagine the Essex County prosecutor will have a hard time getting a jury to convict Sanchez.

I also can't imagine why anybody would want to work in public education anymore.  Unless, of course, you enjoy being collateral damage in culture wars.

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Discussion: Recommendation for Attorney for wills

I NEED THE SAME SERVICE!  So if any of you do this for a living or know someone who does, there's are many of us out here -- willing to pay and to be grateful to you forever!

Please think hard and give us both a hand -- we'll give you one back!   =D>  ^:)^   =D>

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Discussion: Recommendation for Attorney for wills
Hi all, wondering if anybody has any recent experience with local attorneys with setting up wills and basic estate planning. We're not wealthy, just a normal middle class couple with retirement accounts & our house. I searched the archives and the latest comparable discussion was 9 years ago, so I thought I'd ask for something more current.

Also, how much ballpark would be reasonable to pay for this service?

Thanks in advance!

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Discussion: Roundup Alternative: Weed Torch?

marksierra said:

What about just pouring boiling water over the weeds?  Pouring the water from a kettle does the job nicely for me.

Yeah but it feels like pain to have to boil and lug out a kettle to kill them eeevill weeeds.  Plus there's so much of them.  And torching just seems so effective.  And fun.  Like nuking a zombie horde...

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: Listening to voters’ concerns

mtierney said:

The Big Guy demonstrates why Congress should tailor-make an aid bill for Ukraine and Israel — and not a giant goody bag — Immigration should be a stand-alone bill — it is that important to American voters and America’s future.

Moment of Truth on Ukraine and Israel

I get the sense that 1) you don't understand how Congress works and 2) you don't understand how your Republican party works.

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Discussion: Back in the swamp…

Looks great guys. 

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Discussion: John Sterling has announced retirement

Not many Yankee fans here, but while  I’m a Mets fan, I think we should all recognize the greatness that comes with the dedication, longevity, and truly unique performance that John Sterling has delivered.

A voice unlike few others.

I hope he is able to spend a lot of quality time with family and friends in his retirement!

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Discussion: Roundup Alternative: Weed Torch?

yellowgato said:

Hate the idea of using even more chemicals around the house.  Where can one get weed torches to get rid of weeds around pavers?  They seem to do a better job of preventing weed regrowth as well.  Do I need a permit to use even though it’s fairly basic?

I have one, have used it with mixed success.  If you'd like to borrow it to try it out before buying, you're welcome to it. It uses the small propane tanks that are about $6.  

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Discussion: Inconsequential Chat

An excellent inferno.

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Discussion: The NYT Spelling Bee Thread

Despite a dopey Pangram, got the QB today.

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