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Discussion: The Right Man

Joe Biden is not a visionary or a great thinker. He is not as smart as Harvard Law Grad Obama or Yale Law Grad and Rhodes Scholar Clinton, but after the despicable 45th President, a basically decent person may be exactly the right person for this time.

We shall see.

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Discussion: A beautiful inauguration!

Morganna said:

What a day!

What's this unfamiliar feeling?



Today reinforced the vital importance of music, art, and poetry. 

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Discussion: Helping and 80 year old with Lung Cancer

i have heard that the american cancer society helps patients directly...one of their commercials said they gave rides to appointments for example....

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Discussion: Day 75 - No more Trump. Halleluja.
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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

How to fix a broken society, a crushed economy, a decimated educational system, a political system at war with itself, etc.?

 Man, harsh words coming off 4 years of your guy in office. It's almost like you acknowledge Trump sucked. 

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Discussion: Getting My Rona Vaccine. Essex County S..t Show.

Just got back from Sears:  astonished how easy and fast the whole event was.  Everyone helpful, upbeat, cheerful, saying "congratulations" and smiles all around.  You run through a few checkpoints and screens (5 mins), into a curtained-off section, quick shot (painless), then directed to a waiting area for 15 mins to ensure no adverse reactions.  Never checked my ID or health insurance card, just was asked to read around the number associated with my QR code.  I think they could easily double the number of people flowing through there, but I'm sure it's limited to the number of allotted vaccines.  

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Discussion: Good news! Biden says to hell with deficits!

DaveSchmidt said:

Who the hell is drew?

 Who dat?

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Discussion: A beautiful inauguration!

The_Soulful_Mr_T said:

I was very impressed and moved by Amanda Gordon, even more so when I learned that she is only 22.

You have to watch this interview Anderson Cooper had with her last night. Anderson was almost at a losss for words - he was completely blown away. So was I. She's amazing! 

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Discussion: The Uncaged Bird - Winter

A young sharpie I believe 

In our tree today 

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Discussion: 0 days to go - President Joseph R. Biden!

ridski said:



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