Skin of a certain age (and makeup)

Okay, let's take the fashion idea a little farther.

I'm adjusting my skin care and makeup habits as I age, but wonder if anyone has any tips about good habits or makeup product lines? What have you changed and what is working for you?

Similarly, how have the needs of your hair changed, and how are you working around that?

I've been having trouble lately with my skin and foundations... Some are far too dry, others cake in very inconvenient creases (new, of course!) and others still seem to slide right off or collect in my pores, which is odd because my pores are small.

It's all kind of ghastly, because I used to really like makeup and was good at it just a few years ago. But I can't even think about eye shadow now...

At 70+ I have given up makeup, except on rare occasions when we go to something really dressy. Even then, I keep it minimal--just mascara and maybe some blush gel. I've never worn lipstick or used foundation. I feel that at my age, my own face should be good enough. I do use moisturizer every day.

I use a daily moisturizer, eyebrow pencil and tinted lip gloss only. Have not found a decent brand of eyeliner that I don't make a mess of. Any suggestios for a good eyeliner?

What kind of mess do you make? Is it liquid? I have always had trouble with liquid.

I like MAC pencils. They smudge just enough to quickly soften the line (if you want) but after that stays put all day. Nice colors too to do slightly off black, greys, brown

I've replaced powder blush and eyeshadow (which I buy and never wear) with creme or liquid formula.

For cheapo brand I like the Sonia Kashuk creme blush sold at Target.

I also use the Loreal Visible Lift Blur Blush in a tube, but find it more difficult to control. I stupidly bought two colors on sale and have enough to last to the end of the century, so maybe my application will improve. I will keep trying as I hate to waste it.

Maybelline also makes a decent cream blush in a stick, although the marketing seems to be aimed at 12 year olds. It goes on easily (especially when fresh--the sticks dry out over time) and you can't beat the price. So far I've only tried the palest pink one, but I might go back for another.

One cheapo ($1.00!!!!) cream blush (actually all over stick) I tried and hated was e.l.f. Pink Lemonade (in a tube). It was like radiation burn pink. I still wear it if that's the look I'm going for, but it's mostly sitting on the shelf.

For a little more money, I've been using Clinique products which are more expensive than drug store brands, but cheaper than other department store brands such as Bobbie Brown (my go to when I had more money--she probably has a terrific cream blush). I had a negative view of Clinique based on my belief that they were focused on women under 30, had low quality makeup and untrained, annoying salespeople. But then, because of my rosacea, I started using their Redness relief base makeup (not bad and a good value), and got to sample other products. And a few of the sales people are really nice and knowledgable.

I like their chubby cheek sticks, although I'm still hunting for the best color (someone gave me one and I think I'd like to try more). They go on soft and smooth and the colors are more complex than the cheaper brands.

@ Conandrob24,I have to use a magnifying mirror to see, use Lancomb pencil. never had this problem when in my 50s

Ah, yes. Well, I've had terrible eyesight since I was a girl so that's not a new one for me, at leas

I refuse to go to an 'ageing skin' range!!! gulp

For me, really good soap (a natural ingredients kind, like goats milk or olive oil) or L'Occitane shower oil. Moisturise all over (sunscreen in there too, pay attention to knees, elbows, heels, etc) and handle any psoriasis needs (luckily, usually just small outbreaks). Very rarely, some lippy and that's it.

I get my eyebrows dyed, and also my eyelashes. Lasts a couple of months and I don't have to worry about anything: no runny mascara or gummy sticks, no smudges or clumps.

Here, I don't wear earrings any more, I don't wear stuff that clogs pores or sits too high around my neck. I hardly seem to wear very pretty shoes any more, or jewellery, and makeup seems to run rather than breathe. A signature scent (rose, or light lavender) and clean clear skin works best. I'm noticing more fine lines. Eh: character lines!

Have to sing (even if off key) more. Have to laugh more. Both, out loud. Both, every day.

conandrob240 said:
What kind of mess do you make? Is it liquid? I have always had trouble with liquid.
I like MAC pencils. They smudge just enough to quickly soften the line (if you want) but after that stays put all day. Nice colors too to do slightly off black, greys, brown

I also love the MAC pencils. Moisturizer is a must now days, I can not put base on without moisturizing first.

Ah, Clinique redness control! Good tip for my rosacea. I'll try that.

I have been using a tinted moisturizer from Bobbi Brown, tinted brow gel from Gimme Brow, and mascara, but my skin has been a total PITA lately, so I'm shopping for something new. Sigh.

Clinique also makes a green base to put under the redness control makeup. I really like it, when I remember to put it on.

For cleansing and moisturizing, I use Aveeno Pure Radiance. I've tried more expensive products, but they haven't worked as well for me--I have extremely sensitive skin.

For makeup, I use Sephora Collection powder foundation and sometimes liquid foundation as well. I use Sephora's other products as well--blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss... For the time being, they work for me, and they don't "settle," even after wearing them for a dozen hours, which is common. Do keep yourself well moisturized to keep lip color from spreading into the lines. A lip pencil in a similar color to your gloss/stick/staincan also help.

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