Searching for Resources/Guidance re: Low-Cost Housing Options for a Working Senior


A 70-year-old relative is an Essex County resident with a full-time clerical job. She will have to leave her house in the near future. I'm looking for people and organizations who can provide guidance re: low-cost rental options, preferably in Essex County or nearby.

Thanks for your suggestions.


assuming she owns the home and has equity, has she done a reverse mortgage?  sure it typically eats the equity, but if she needs the money she should use it rather than protect the equity for the heirs.

If the home is a condo, many are not FHA certified and not eligible for a reverse mortgage

I know Union County has income based senior housing, I would assume all counties do.  In Union, there are a couple scenarios, some housing you pay 30% of your income, other there is a low rent rate.  I think the one I know of is 700-800/month for 1 bedroom.  In Union the wait list is 5 years based on the 2 people I know that got in.  I don't know if there is any asset limit to be eligible.  I would think for Union County you need to be a county resident to get on the list, but am not sure.

also CGPH and Piazza and Associates run the state general low income housing programs.  Most wait lists are closed, but with all the building more units are becoming available...but I would think there are hundreds of applications for limited apartments

if she would consider still owning there are senior condos like this one

its probably 15 minutes from maplewood.

this one is w orange, i don't think its senior only

county senior/aging services should be able to give you info

Check out the Seniors Blue Book for Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties.  It is available online. Hard copies are available in Maplewood at the Maplewood Memorial Library, Maplewood Town Hall, and the Maplewood Senior Center.  Copies should also be available at locations frequented by seniors in other municipalities.  While this is a private publication that favors its advertisers, it does contain over thirty pages of valuable information on senior housing options.

Thank you both for your suggestions. I'll investigate.

Many towns have senior housing but with waiting lists. She might tour several of these towns and apply for future space. Summit has Sr. housing.

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