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I think we need more photos, if you are going to dangle red boy cats and long-haired tabbies enticingly in front of us. wink

New pictures of Bandito and Tipsie (formerly Batman and Bluebird). Bandito (pictured below) is one of the most uniquely-marked kittens we've seen. Mask, goatee, chaps....what more do you want? They've gotten their first shots and their tests show a clean bill of health. About five weeks ago, they were hissy, spitty characters living under a porch in Maplewood but are now cool and collected; happy with people and other cats alike.

Please consider giving them a home this holiday.

Here's Tipsie. She's crazy playful but also can be a very chill kitten. Hold her and she might fall asleep on your chest. She's cute now and will be a real stunner with a coat that glistens.

OMG OMG OMG. I WANT a houseful of black-and-white kittens!!!!!!!!!

I love Bandito.... The markings are beautiful. I would just pick up that little one and hug and kiss that sweet little face. I hope you find their forever homes.

ellenlynn said:

I love Bandito.... The markings are beautiful.
. Yes, and what about his eyes? He looks forever surprised.

Thank you hauscat for sending the kittens a great adopter!
Eric The Red went home this morning and it looked like a great match!

Thank YOU! Eric will have a great life - his adopter is a very caring cat mom.

*typo edited

Update! Aubrey got adopted with Jinxey!
Now we are looking for a loving adopter for Batman and Bluebird! (OK, I know their names were changed to Bandito and Tipsie )
That aside, these 2 spent the afternoon with us and let quite a few delighted children handle them with good natured charm.
So they would be great kittens for a family or a household with other cats, as they have been tested with both!
So come on South Orange and Maplewood, these are too good to resist!

Bandito and Tipsie have been adopted (separately). Bandito was instrumental in getting another kitten adopted with him today. When the adopter came for him, he was in the crate with another small but VERY scared kitten we've been fostering since Friday. The adopter was intrigued by the other kitten but she hesitated because she has two cats at home. Bandito sealed the deal when the adopter saw him grooming his new friend. What a nice kitten, that Bandito.

New Kittens!
Twins, a boy and a girl!

Are any of the black-and-white kittens still up for adoption? My neighbor is ISO a little tuxedo male companion for her calico girl.

Hm, I may have some new tuxes coming up. How soon?
Tell her to PM me and we can see.
Thanks for the offer.
I'm going to post a cute grey tabby girl as soon as I get some new pictures.

Well, she needs a little time to work on her husband. Poor guy is allergic, but after his wife was in two car accidents in one year that left her housebound with minor brain trauma, he broke down and brought her home a tiny calico kitten who is now the Queen of the Castle. I'm not sure how bad the husband's allergy is, but I know the wife is very anxious to get a companion for -- wait for it -- Princess.

Excalibur is too handsome to be believed! I have never seen a male this color, he looks like a dilute torbie. He is pale grey striped and spotted with peachy cream tones. Rolls on his back for belly rubs, gives kisses, this is an adorable boy.

And now for the tummy shot!

Wow, he's beautiful. I wonder if there is such a thing as a dilute brown mackerel tabby? My Mischa has very similar markings, but they are much darker and more saturated. If the brown was paler it could read as peach.

Morganna said:

New Kittens!
Twins, a boy and a girl!

The twins went home today!

PeggyC said:

Wow, he's beautiful. I wonder if there is such a thing as a dilute brown mackerel tabby? My Mischa has very similar markings, but they are much darker and more saturated. If the brown was paler it could read as peach.

Well tell Mischa that his doppelganger is going to an adoption event tomorrow so cross his paws for our boy.

Hi Morganna. Where is the adoption event? We may be interested in meeting him.

Its in the Brookdale Pet Center on Broad Street, Bloomfield ! Hope to see you there between 11 and2!
PM Bigben for her cellphone in case you get lost!

Actually you can call the pet store as we are now almost ready to run out so don't think she'll have time to post!

Excalibur was adopted!

Oh, hooray! So glad to see an adult cat get a new home, since they can be tough to place when kittens are available. But he's such a beauty I can see someone falling in love at first sight. oh oh

Update: Excalibur has been renamed Jac(k). After 2 days in isolation, he's been given free roam of the house although he's only sticking to one floor for now. His favorite thing is to have his belly rubbed and he can't get enough of it. He's definitely been a wonderful find.

@kss----so happy Jac has a home with you!

More photos, please. smile We need to see Jac(k) in his new environment.

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