Matt's Landscaping

Does anyone know what's happening with Matthew Onorato of Matt's Landscaping? He's been cutting our lawn for years but seems to have gone missing. Doesn't answer his phone. Our lawn looks like we're doing "No Mow May" which we were not. 

Are you in Maplewood?  A number of landscapers who have worked in Maplewood in the past no longer do so as a result of the new leaf blower ordinance.  For a list of landscapers registered to work in Maplewood in 2023, check the official website for the Township of Maplewood.  Just checked.  Matt's Landscaping is not on the list.

joan_crystal said:

Are you in Maplewood?  

I'm in South Orange.

ckran said:

I'm in South Orange.

Then Maplewood leaf blower ordinance should not be the problem.  If SO registers landscapers as Maplewood does, the person who handles the registration may be able to help.

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