Broadway Picks - what have you seen recently?

My Spouse has recently seen Shucked and Some Like It Hot!  She loved both! 

As I've said before, I'm not much of a theater guy; I spend my entertainment dollars on live music in small clubs in NYC.  I went Friday night to see SOME LIKE IT HOT on Broadway. I thought the talent of the performers was fantastic - particularly the dancing - and there's lots of dancing in this how. Such gifted performers. I was familiar with the 1959 movie, and this adaptation made a few changes including LGBTing it up a bit. The cast of the 1959 film (Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon) was all white, of course but on Broadway, both men/women end up ion interracial relationships. Very diverse cast and I appreciated that. 

All that being said, I'm still not a Broadway guy - all that over-acting to reach the balconies, the very traditional tap and other dance, etc. Very stagey. (Yes, I know.) 

Funny Girl was great

Neil Diamond was wonderful! - - but i suspect its best if you're a "baby-boomer" to really appreciate it. If my 30 yr old kids were to see it, they'd walk out during intermission

Rent (at papermill) was SOOOO disappointing....JMO

only a few more days left - 2 for 1 week:

I'm thinking The Cottage may be next on our list.

Just saw Appropriate with Sarah Paulson and Corey Stoll.  Fantastic!  Only a few weeks left!  And I had last row in the balcony.

Other than that - saw Tommy a few weeks back.  Some of the piece were done well, like Pinball Wizard and the chorus at the end.  But overall, the story is very weak and a bit disjointed.  I'd rather hear the Who perform it over seeing it as a musical.

I see A Beautiful Noise is in it's final weeks.  It is a jukebox musical, but I really enjoyed it.  Not sure if the new lead is as good as

Has anyone seen Beautiful at the Papermill?

Loved Patriots.  Stuhlbarg as the oligarch Berezovsky and Keen as Putin are fantastic.  

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