Tutor time COAH development by Livingston

Any images available for the development by the mall?

This is the site plan. I thought I saw a proposed design image but can not locate it on line. Mall is to the left of the image. The building in the center is the existing office building there. Surface parking to the right of the existing building is to be replaced by a garage to make up for lost parking to the left of the existing building, where the new apartments and hotel will be build. The hotel will face JFK and the apartment will be to the back of the property.

Will these units be rentals or condos? What was the tone of the meeting? Did they say anything about expected number of school-age children? 


By now most people were resigned to it being a fait accompli based on COAH and it being as of right due to zoning changes for the area last year. Plus Mack Cali made (non binding) statements that they will not market to families and will not include any family friendly amenity such as a playground.

Also town said that opening Canoe Brook Road through to the Poet's section is not at all on the table and that they are taking steps to make it totally impossible. That calmed a lot of people.

Initial reaction was 200 students! But it became clear that was overblown. The Mack Cali demographic expert said 35 school age children max, but that is probably low given the source.

I think the biggest impact is going to be on train station parking as the site is not walking distance to the train and there has been no mention of a shuttle.

Interesting. The town should have made the approval conditional on the developer providing a train shuttle.

@bramzzoinks, Thank you VERY much for those images!

Do you know if  the hotel operator has been chosen already?

As far as I know nothing has been said yet about who is going to operate the hotel.

@jamie - Can anything be done about the way embedded pix show up on the mobile version?  Below is what I see from Zoinks above post.  Attempting to zoom in is no help ... it's all a blur.

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