They ain’t got nothin’ to sell.

I’m at the Hyundai dealer in Manahawken. One sales rep on floor duty.

12 cars on the lot, 7 of which are used. 

The inside floor has two cars, one of which is a 2018 SUV.

try mazda

we bought on about two months ago

they had inventory ( we went to morristown) 

honda in madison did not have much either

I'm in the process of buying a car in Oklahoma. Slim pickings, especially for new cars. Most of the cars in shipments are already reserved and picked up by buyers immediately. Manufacturers are shutting down assembly lines because there are no chips. Deliveries are months away. New car salesmen are hurting because they have nothing to sell. (Tiny violins here.)

Used cars are more available, just expensive. 

I called the local Toyota dealer and said I'd like to test-drive a Corolla hatchback, could I stop by later in the day? He said sure, c'mon over, he had two new and one used. By the time I got there a couple hours later, they were all sold and gone. Several salesmen told me that if I see a car that will work, I need to grab it immediately. Which is how I'm ending up with a red Subaru Outback. Not the color I would have chosen, but it had all the other features I wanted.

On the bright side (for me at least), the price of lumber is finally coming down!

I was there for my free oil change and tire rotation. Normally there are several people in the service waiting area. Today, I was the only person there. Also, only one service writer. Sometimes, there were three.

In 2019, there were 6 cars on the showroom floor, about 20 on the front lot and maybe 50 or more in the back lot. There were none in the back lot.

I’ve been waiting for an airbag module from Honda for almost a month now.

Parts are hard to come by also. 

It is not just cars.  

The entire international shipping infrastructure is severely stressed at the moment.  And, once containers actually arrive, there is a shortage of:

  • Trucks/rail cars to pull them from port to destination.
  • Certified drivers (especially for HazMat cargos).

My primary clay pot wholesaler is out of just about everything (clay pots come from Italy), and can't predict when he will get his next shipment.  My secondary wholesaler still has some, but is out of one key size.  His prediction for that item is January 2022.

Lack of pots means that I can't divide plants, so I will have less material available for sale during the next sales season.


I'm guessing you're looking for a specific type of clay pots... but I know we have random gardening pots and other stuff on our back porch that we don't really use. If they are standard pots, perhaps posting "In search of" could help locate some to re-use.

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