Tennis courts opening in SOMA?

Do you know if the public tennis courts in SOMA are reopening? Tennis is one of the few sports you can play while social distancing (assuming you play singles) and they are such a nice amenity in our towns. I found online that they have reopened in Millburn, but can't find anything about SOMA. 

Not in South Orange. If you check this link on the Village website, Sheena Collum will most likely announce when the tennis courts are open.

The latest news was this on May 13: 

." Playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, and fields remain closed."

At TC meeting yesterday, the Mayor stated that the town intends to reopen tennis courts.  It was pointed out that the Governor's order on the subject requires a number of protections be in place for this to happen.  It may take a little while for all of them to be in place so this can happen.

Maplewood and South Orange courts open Friday.  Singles only, no doubles.  They don’t want you to change sides on the court.

Don't touch their balls (fast forward to 1:06).

yahooyahoo said:

Don't touch their balls (fast forward to 1:06).

 Oh my. That was so funny. 

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