Tell Amazon to Help Save America's Bees

This is from National Resources Defense Council

"Amazon, the giant of e-commerce is no friend to bees. While other major retailers, including Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart and True Value, have announced plans to phase out products containing bee-killing neonic pesticides, Amazon still sells home and garden products that are toxic to these vital, fuzzy pollinators. Seventy percent of America's major crops depend on bees for pollination. But as the use of neonics has skyrocketed, bee populations have collapsed, and scientists have linked the two.

"Amazon can make a real difference by pulling products that contain neonics off its website," says Rebecca Riley, a senior attorney with NRDS's Nature program. Neonics can kill bees outright. Even in small doses they interfere with a bee's ability to navigate, produce and find food, and they make bees more susceptible to viruses, parasites and other diseases. NRDC is suing the EPA to crack down on neonics and some 75,000 activists have urged Amazon to phase out products that contain these bee-killing pesticides.

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