Taken at the Great Swamp today

bub said:

Wow, Stunning! what a great sighting!

Great that you had your camera ready. I guess there are probably 600 or more Bald Eagles in N.J. As their population continues to increase, we will be seeing more of them in flight. 


Keep your camera ready.

Sunday, I was at my stepdaughters house. It is at the northern border of the Forsythe Preserve, about 20 miles north of Atlantic City. At the edge of her back yard is one of the many inlets to Barnegat Bay. 

6:00 p.m., we were on the back deck, watching the dogs run around and enjoying the sunset. It was cold and windy as you remember. A Bald Eagle flew up the inlet, past the deck about 10 feet away from us.

And I didn't have my camera ready. So let that be a lesson.

But anyway,

What a way to watch the sunset.

That guy is part of  couple that have made their home in a particular spot in the GS (at the end of the boardwalk that is the farthest to the right).  The regulars call him "Elmer."  It's hit or miss but if you go there regularly, there's a good chance you will see one or both.  My friend, a local professional photographer, took the pic.  I've grown very fond of the GS.  On a nice day, it's about as relaxing and therapeutic green space as there is within a short distance of around here.  The birds are a bonus.

The Eagles will likely hang around that area for the next three or four months, until eaglets fledge. So now may be a good time to go there. I'm surprised the ranger haven't closed the area.

Lately it's not too hard to see them there, but to get a photo like that is stunning!  Thanks for sharing.

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