Sunday 6/28 Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8:00pm

Several compact storms are moving into our area from the west, arriving in the next two hours or so. These storms may develop into thunderstorm with gusty wind, heavy rain, and small hail.

The NWS has issued a severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00pm.

A watch means severe weather is possible (in this case, thunderstorm(s)). Should a severe storm develop, the NWS will issue a warning.

Not all thunderstorms are severe. A severe storm involves possibly damaging wind, flooding rain, or damaging hail. At this time, in this system, although those issues could develop, they are not yet present.

I think that graphic might be a little more frightening than intended.  Those threats are real, but they are at this time potential threats.

I have to say, mother nature hasn't been very interesting lately. All these warnings just go pfffffft.

We could really use some rain. Our grass is going brown already. That's unusual for June.

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