Summer Music

In honor of Memorial Day Vets, all the great musicians in SOMA, Maplewoodstock and all the music festivals, it is time to start a favorite summer song list.  This has probably been done before, but now should be a good time to start again.   My pick for lead-off summer and happy song is Mungo Jerry.

What a great segue to my Spotify summer playlist called “It's Summer.” 

What’s the very first song? That very Mungo Jerry classic.

If you’re a Spotify user, and even if you’re not, please click and check it out.  About 2 hours of classic and fun summer music.

"American Life in the Summertime" by Francis Dunnery.

Total joy of driving to the beach with Motown or Beach Boys on the radio. (sorry lazy re: links, close your eyes and feel the sun)

eta:  long before the sun turned out to be hazardous to health, and cars were recognized as hazardous to life on earth. sigh.

I think I heard one hit wonder Norman Greenbaum's song recently and looked into it on Wikipedia.  Not only Jewish but grew up in an orthodox home and went to Hebrew school, which is pretty funny considering the song.

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