Don’t sleep on this election

Democrats have a tough uphill battle to hold onto the House. The Senate looks a little better for us but is still on a razor’s edge. 

I’m reading a lot of takes that the Roe reversal is going to ignite a major backlash against the Republicans, but I’m not confident that can overcome the gerrymandering that’s happened in a lot of red states. 

We have two races locally that mean something this year. Mikie Sherrill and Tom Malinowski are up for re-election to their House seats. With decent turnout, Sherrill should win. Malinowski has a harder fight given how his district was redrawn. 

I know most people who come to this section of MOL are politically active and registered to vote.  But I’ll post the link to register online anyway:

The deadline is October 18th. That’s next Tuesday. Do you know someone who just moved here or will be turning 18 before Election Day?  Please send them the link. 

Here is the link to check your voter registration status.

There is so much at stake in this election cycle. If Democrats can hold the House and build their lead in the Senate, perhaps they can pass even more impactful legislation to protect a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body. Stronger  environmental protections. Strengthening electoral rights for marginalized populations. 

Please vote and encourage others to do the same!

It's good to see a thread on Politics that is actually about politics.

If anyone wants to assist with Malinowski Campaign or Sherrill Campaign (not sure she needs it)  or the elections in Pennsylvania go to SOMA Action website or let me know and I can send links.

When I read about how much money is raised for political campaigns, I wonder where all this money gets spent.  Apparently, many millions of it are spent on TV and radio ads.  So, shouldn't tv and radio stations make public disclosures of how much money political candidates and PACS spend on the ads?  PBS says where its money comes from.  But I have never once seen this from any commercial tv or radio station or advertising company.  

I think campaign disclosure regulations require campaigns to specify where the money gets spent, so the information is out there. Somewhere.

I’m just voting for democrats. I don’t even wish to hear what any republicans have to say anymore. Yeah it’s gotten to this point. I used to be independent, trumpenstein converted me to full on democrats. I can’t.

I wouldn’t take Sherrill’s re-election for granted.  This is the kind of election that voters need motivation to get out for. In our district it’s just Representative, County Exec and Board of Ed. 

Please remind your friends and neighbors to vote. 

 I am hoping that the current controversy with the board of Ed will drive people to the polls.  

While we should all vote and all vote Democrat Sherrill with the re-districting has a much much easier district now than she did before and than does Tom Malinowski whose re-districting is making his re-election risky. Which is why I've been knocking on doors for him and phone banking for him. As STANV said above reach out to him or me or just google mobilize and find out what you can do.

For us to keep the House (and hopefully get a filibuster proof Senate besides holding it all) it will take all hands on deck. Heard a great expression that I mentioned to Tom when he visited the staging location last Sunday. Forget the 1% Margin of Error. It's the 1% Margin of Effort. There are more of us than them as seen from the popular vote counts over the years and Democrats have thus far with their slim majorities have done amazing. If we lose the house, no more hearings that matter (Bengazi anyone) and we'll have the Republicans trying to undo Medicare negotiating for drug prices. To name but a few.

Get out there and help in anyway you can. And even if the worst happens it will lessen the depression. grin

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