Severe Thunderstorm Watch Now Until 10:00pm Sun June 2, 2019


This afternoon's severe thunderstorm risk, from the NWS:


There is a severe thunderstorm watch for all of northern and central NJ until 10:00pm. At this time there are a few small but mighty storms in our area. There is a larger area of activity in central PA that may pass this way later, too.

A severe watch means there is a possibility of severe thunderstorm activity in the area. Severe storms are storms with damaging winds or hail, more than just the summer afternoon boomer. The best action during a watch is to pay attention to your phone, radio, TV, or other source of information that would alert you to a warning, which would mean a dangerous storm is immanent. (Use other media in addition to this page -- do not rely exclusively on this page as you may not get a warning in a timely manner here).


This one coming now.  Not severe,just a summer storm.


I can report disruptions to scheduled flight times. 


Done... Thx, Max.


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