Senior skating at Codey Arena

 My skates were in the attic for god knows how many years.  Earlier in the winter, I got them sharpened with the intention of skating outdoors but back spasms squelched that.   Recently I saw that the Arena has "senior" (35 and over) sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I went today with the intention of skating.  There were maybe 4 or 5 people skating.  Unfortunately, I was foiled again because my fat old feet no longer fit in my skates.  But if you want a quiet uncrowded skate session and you're a grown up, this is for you.  I'm not giving up.  Will buy new skates.

35 is "senior"???

sac said:

35 is "senior"???

If its only 4 or 5 people - and they were all figure skating - who cares.  

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