Saturday, perfect autumn weather AND

New Jersey leaves are at peak.

Thoughts on parks for leaf peeping?

I have to say that this year the colors are great no matter where you go. Just driving around town gives you some spectacular views. Super-vibrant colors everywhere.

bub said:

Thoughts on parks for leaf peeping?

Ken Lockwood Gorge

Rt 29 from Frenchtown to Trenton.

Stokes State Forest

Buttermilk Falls

Sunrise Mouontain

The S curves are stunning- careful driving!

Drive out route 78 to 287 & back- amazing colors 

Did the Lockwood gorge this morning.  Lovely spot.

bub said:

Did the Lockwood gorge this morning.  Lovely spot.


This is beyond day trip material but I'll mention this as a future travel idea.  We are big fans of the Finger Lakes but have tended to to visit the eastern lakes only because we have family in Syracuse.   Last week as part of a lightning fast vacation, we did a western Finger Lakes thing.  First we stopped at Watkins Glen and walked the gorge there.  The gorge is quite nice as is the town.  But the real gem was Letchworth State Park about an hour or so away.  Not a big name around here but often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the east and deservedly so.  It's always on lists of most beautiful state parks in U.S. and was voted #1 one year.  As spectacular a park as you will see in the northeast. The larger area has great lively towns to visit too.

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