RIP Rusty

one of the most popular ballplayers of his generation.  And a great hitter.

Former Mets star Rusty Staub dies at 73

one of my favorite Rusty Staub moments was one of the last times he played in the field.  By 1985 he was essentially just a pinch hitter, and if he got on base, he'd immediately be replaced by a pinch runner.  But late in a game against Pittsburgh, he was pressed into service in the outfield.  And to reduce the odds that he'd actually need to make a play, he'd move back and forth between LF and RF, depending on the hitter.  But of course, the ball always find you...

500 hits for 4 different teams.  And among the most popular players in the history of two franchises.  

His WS performance while hurt in 1973 still boggles the mind.  

Farewell, Le Grande Orange.  

They’ll eat well upstairs this week, that’s for sure.  I’m sure they’ll be a crowd of NYPD and NYFD lining up for ribs, and quite eager to say thanks. 

Rusty played 23 seasons - 9 with the Mets. Also Houston, Montreal, Detroit and Texas

6 time all star, 2716 hits, 292 home runs. Too bad he retired the year before the Mets won the WS thus losing out on a ring.

We went to one of his restaurants in the city years ago and had the pleasure of meeting him.

And yahooyahoo - thanks for posting that piece.

His charity donated over $11 million to police and fireman's widows and kids.

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