RIP Meg Marlowe

I just read on Facebook that long time MOL poster Meg Marlowe died recently of brain cancer.  May her memory be for a blessing.  Condolences to her friends and family. 

This is very sad news. Meg was the first MOL regular I met in person, now a decade ago. She was an active fund-raiser on behalf of ALS research, and a college acquaintance of mine had just written a memoir about her own battle with the disease. I offered to lend it to Meg; in return, she lent me one of her favorites, The Devil in Massachusetts, a 1949 account of the Salem witch trials by Marion Starkey. It was an excellent choice.

We talked books over coffee a couple of times — her love of reading really came through — and bumped into each other at Maplewoodstock a few years later. To this Maplewood newcomer, Meg was a welcome friendly face.

I never met her sisters but always appreciated their MOL appearances, too. They have my deepest sympathies.

Thank you, Joan, for letting me and the rest of MOL know.

Very sorry to hear this. 

So sorry to hear this news - she was a huge part of MOL back in the day:

Feels like I would always run into her whenever I was in South Orange.  She will be missed.  

One of Meg's nephews is our good friend -- and the nephew is the reason we moved to this town nearly 2 decades ago. Over the years we've joined their family at various occasions. His aunts and mom (Meg and her sisters) are a trip to be around, very funny and warm. I remember Meg as the spunky younger sister in that mix.

May her memory be for a blessing. She will be missed.

Meggie will be missed. We are coping, but it is a very sad time. Thanks for the remembrances.

KarenMarlowe said:

Meggie will be missed. We are coping, but it is a very sad time. Thanks for the remembrances.

 Condolences Karen. I loved meeting you both around the Historic Homes Tour.

The very day I heard this, a short note from Meggie turned up while I was going thru some papers. She had given me her computer for my project of furnishing free computers for needy kids. That’s how I’ll always remember her, always trying to help others.

My sincere condolences to the Marlowe family, and to all of Meggie's friends and loved ones..   Her caring spark will be sorely missed.  

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