Rereading old MOL voices - Dave Barry thread

So I’m prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow. As expected (it’s not my first), it’s not a lot of fun. However I do know who can help me soldier on: my dear friends on MOL who have talked about their approaches to this solitary time!

Yes, I do mean the legendary Dave Barry’s Colonoscopy thread! Because it’s archived, I’m not having great luck posting a link. I couldn’t easily search it at first, as I couldn’t properly remember who started it, or when.
Back in 2008,   The_Soulful_Mr_T started the wondrous thread  and I’m soooo glad to reread it now! 

For those who would like to re-read it (careful, make sure you are sitting down and have nothing in your mouth), this is the original Dave Barry Colonoscopy post, courtesy of The_Soulful_Mr_T:

If we're re-visiting threads, we might as well start from the very beginning, as that's a very good place to start (where have I heard that before?) ...

Just reassuring anyone interested, results are mostly OK. I’ll find out more in a couple of weeks. I did wear my brightly-coloured curly clown wig in theatre!! A nice, early morning surprise for staff who look up folks’ bums all day. 

The best part was the gift from Alex, the anaesthetist.  I started to turn on my side, and then I woke up quite some time later. No aches, pains, itches just really hungry and very sleepy. Not even gassy. 

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