Protecting kids - school shooting.

School drills consist of locking classroom doors, hiding against the wall, keeping quiet.... and so forth.

Katherine Schweirt is a retired F.B.I. agent. She developed the F.B.I.'s "Active Shooter Program" and had an opinion piece in the N.Y Times this week.  

Her advice if you are in an active shooter situation:

Run! (First choice)

Hide, if you can't run. (Second choice)

Fight! Third choice if the second two are not an option.

This brings us to schools. Running is not considered an option in the drills. I propose that schools be equipped with a "break out" window on first floors of school buildings. Kind of like the breakout windows on school buses and trains.

I hope this helps but moreover, I hope it is never needed.

And while I am at it, outlaw guns.

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