Private soccer coach

Looking for a private soccer coach to help my kids with the game as they are new and newer soccer players and I have no clue! If you know of one please let me know.

When our kids were young (4-5 yrs of age) they got some group instruction from Nathan Davies, who was very good.

I think it depends on the ages of your kids. Younger (3-5) Coach Nathan is a great intro. Cougars also have a gentle introductory program for that age. 5-7 I would recommend either Cougars or Community First. Having had kids in both Community First and Cougars I think CF is stronger in teaching the basic skills, but sports are also a social thing, so their enjoyment at that age is often dependent on whether their buddies are playing on their team. Older than that 7+ I'd look into Community First. They have a rec team, a travel team and academy teams to cover all skill and interest levels. contact Sharif. Of course these are all just my personal opinions! I'm sure others have other recommendations!

Another vote for community first. Sharif and Roger are fantastic.

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