Possible wet snow Friday Night March 10

Mon March 6th

Tonight, chance of precipitation. If so, likely to start after 10pm as rain, then could turn to mixed rain and snow. Any accumulation likely to be minor. Effect on the morning commute more likely to be more psychological than physical.

There is a very confused signal in the models for one or possible two weather events this coming weekend. At this time, any attempt to forecast precipitation is randomcasting. That said, there is the potential for a snow event. If so, most likely would be Saturday into Sunday. We will be keeping an eye on it for now and update when the picture becomes clearer.

Wed March 8th

Possible rain/snow mix this weekend.

An offshore storm is likely to bring precipitation to the area Friday into Saturday. The models are trending warm enough to expect mostly rain with some mixing but I do not expect significant snow accumulation.

Also keeping an eye on next Tuesday. Too early to call but general temperature profiles hint at another mixed event.

Friday March 10th

Rain and snow this afternoon through Saturday.

Forecast remains on track for a mostly rain event with 1 - 2 inches of snow mixing in. Rain likely this afternoon from around 5 forward, with snow possibly mixing in at the outset. Rain likely becomes heavy overnight with snow likely mixing or possibly changing over to all snow in the early morning hours. Mixed precipitation could continue through Saturday morning, likely changing back over to rain if precipitation persists into midmorning.

Caveats: this is a near miss, with areas very close to MAPSO (north and west) possibly getting 2 - 4 inches of snow. Also, slight jiggles in the storm track could shift our immediate area up or down an inch or three.

West Orange, being at a higher elevation and both north and west of MAPSO, could get 2 - 4 inches.

The NWS has included us in the Winter Weather Advisory but Advisory criteria apply more to areas just north and west of MAPSO.

Also note much higher snowfall totals are expected in the Hudson Valley and New England.

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