original Poldark (TV) series - anyone got??

We're watching Poldark on dvd, the original 1975 series, season 1. Can't find any season 2. Anyone got it, that we can get files from?? Can't seem to get legal or otherwise, anywhere.

Did anyone else know that the actress who played Demelza died last July? She was memorable in this.

Netflix has the dvds.

1975 - 4 discs, 16 episodes
1977 - 4 discs, 13 episodes

I enjoyed that series back in the day. I remember stunning outdoor film that I believe were taken in Cornwall.

also you can buy them at pbs.org

I loved Poldark and the Forsythe Saga!

I'll mention the netflix info to shemademedothis - he may want to buy (so far it's all been informal downloading).

Scenery is stunning; costuming is gorgeous; accents are thick and wonderful with no subtitles so you really have to work at it. And the acting, even when kitsch and stilted, gets you cheering or yelling at the screen so you want the next ep straight away - truly satisfying tv. Very good holiday watching.

Wow does that bring back memories. 1975. A lifetime ago.

Classic scene: where Ross chases Demelza across the moors, after he learns she's carrying his child... they certainly weren't shy of filming outdoors scenes in those days, in ragged terrain and wide shots. Running and galloping fast horses over rough hilltop trails, muddy pitted tracks, rolling down scraggy hillsides, standing on cliff edges... Similar scenes shot now seem much more 'crafted' in comparison, so much is filmed so much closer in.

I SO loved that series!

I loved the way Poldark always did what was right and good.

I loved Poldark. I have all the books in paperback. Maybe they're available in a Kindle edition now.

Oh Old Krap! I loved it when I was a young teen. It was very hokey but sort of marvelously so. Not one of them could act bless them but they looked the part. Isn't there talk of the BBC doing a remake of it?

pickwick, they could act - and did: had great rep careers, and were rarely out of work. Read up on them.

pickwick said:

Isn't there talk of the BBC doing a remake of it?


Oh, the scene where Julia, their baby, dies... and then the subsequent shipwreck and 'saving' of the cargo/saving of the crew... then the episode with the trial...

sigh. just finished the first series ('75). have to wait for a week or so for the '77 season.

OH it was wonderful!!!! Some of the riot/fight scenes weree a bit woeful, obviously staged, and down the mines was a bit dark/drippy/hard to shoot in; the costuming was great; the interiors were a bit flimsy. Overall, we're sated for a little bit, and drenched in history.

Trying on our Cornish accents now...!

Forgot to mention: the producers of the to-be-revived series were considering Matt Smith for Ross Poldark (apparently) - everyone was in uproar!! I think he might make an OK Francis, but not a Ross.

It's going to be an 8-parter, now, not a 6-parter. Still not cast. Still being written.

I preferred the books.

I've watched the first 4 episodes of the new Poldark and I think the characters and the photography compare well with the 1975 series.

Here's a link to Season 2, of the 1975 Poldark:

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