New Art Center Opening this Fall

Do you have a student-artist at home looking for a place to learn and create work in a real studio setting?  Maybe one struggling to figure out HOW to make the work in front of them look like the work in their mind's eye?  Have they resigned themselves to thinking they are 'bad at art', or 'can't get it right' even though they love it?  

Trust me when I say, no one is born knowing how to do these things.   Instead it is a skill that is developed and honed with quality art education and practice. By breaking down artistic training into easy to understand principles that build slowly and logically upon each other, I am able to deliver unparalleled results to students in a relatively short time.  This approach demystifies the creative process making it accessible to anyone wishing to develop high level artistic proficiency.

For more information, please visit

Registration for Fall classes is open, and filling fast.

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