More Dog and Cat Care dates

from Robert Roe:   The Associated Humane Societies mobile van will hold a dog and cat well care day at Maplewood Town Hall on Wednesday  Dec. 18.   This is a good opportunity to get your dog and/or cat vaccinated as the Township licensing period has started.

On Friday Dec. 18 a spay/neuter surgery day will be held.  Call Associated Humane (Deborah) at 973-824-7080 x118 to make an appointment.    

bump for tomorrow.   Today is a day where I would not send a dog out on.   Tomorrow is better.  AHS will be here.  

And the spay van will be in front of Maplewood Town Hall on Friday. I'm bringing my two foster kittens for spay and neuter. Great service.

bigben_again said:

And the spay van will be in front of Maplewood Town Hall on Friday. I'm bringing my two foster kittens for spay and neuter. Great service.

 Great service? Did you ask them?

I have used them for a feral and former feral and can vouch for their wonderful services.

from Robert Roe:   Spay/neuter may need an appointment.  Call 973-824-7080  x118.  AHS will be here Friday for this service.    Friday is spay/neuter and call for appointment.

AHS van will be back in Maplewood in January on the 22nd and 27th.    They are also in nearby towns such as Orange and Belleville, Bloomfield, Linden, Elizabeth, Newark.  Contact AHS for dates.   

from Robert Roe, Health Officer Maplewood Friday Dec. 20.  The AHS mobile van is here at Town Hall to do spay/neuter surgeries.  Call AHS at 973-824-7080 x118 to make an appointment for surgery.

Later today, rabies vaccinations will be given and you can walk-in for this service.

A couple of thoughts about vets and public health.  Much of public health for people has been learned by vets.   Animal diseases are much like human diseases (we are after all just another animal), and many types of contagious diseases exist in people and animals.  So a big public health hats off to our vets and thanks to the many really good vets that we work with at the Health Dept.  

Final thought:  Rabies in wild animals such as raccoons is still present in our area.   We picked up a rabid raccoon just two weeks ago,   So, the first line of defense is to get your dogs and cats vaccinated. Rabies is a real danger, not just a theoretical danger.  We are now doing dog and cat licensing to help assure that pets are vaccinated against rabies.  

Anything upcoming in front of Town Hall?

Candice Davenport is the new Heath Officer.  Rob Roe retired.  Perhaps you can contact her on the Town website.

The AHS Mobile Van will be in front of Town Hall on 2/21 and 2/24, apparently -- although it's probably worth confirming the two dates, as they're so close together.  Check out the calendar here:

In other news -- just in time for kitten season -- if you have community cats and would like to trap them to get them spayed or neutered, the County has given funding to the AHS Mobile Van that allows them to provide free spay/neuter service.  Please note:  this is for community (aka feral) cats only.  Here's a quote from the AHS Mobile Facebook page:

Associated Humane Societies' Mobile Veterinary ClinicFebruary 4 at 7:06 AM

AHS has partnered with the County of Essex to promote TNVR. Any feral cat trapped in Essex County (ONLY) can be brought to any one of our clinic days. We understand the difficulties in trapping but it would be helpful if you could call ahead for space and location. Our calendar for February is on our Facebook page. Since this program is new, we are going by a case to case basis right now. All cats will receive altering, rabies and distemper vaccines and an ear tip. This will be done at no cost as long as funding lasts. The cats must be trapped in Essex County; must be brought in a covered trap and must receive an ear tip. Caregivers/trappers will be required to sign a form stating the location where the cat was trapped and a promise that the cat will be returned to the same location. Provisions for post-surgery care must also be in place. Please call Debbie at 973-824-7080 Ext. 118 for more information or to find out where and when a clinic will take place. I am in the office Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. until 5;00 p.m

Update Aisling was adopted!

I believe the funding is limited to 1000 cats, which sounds like a lot but I know a few trappers who do about 500 a years and then try to raise funds. They have been helping colonies in Newark, Orange, East Orange and Irvington, primarily where the need is greatest. My rescue, Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue has been taking into rescue some of the kittens.

If anyone is interested in adopting PM me and you can check out my thread Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue. I stay very small but I'm right here in SOMA.

Here's a little female, who was ear tipped but then found to be friendly. She is spayed, tested and has her shots. Her name in Aisling which means Vision or Dream in Gaelic and she loves other kitties. She's about 5 months old and dainty. Sweet as sugar.

Thread drift: He nearly died from his injuries, but thanks to amazing vet care at every stage of his journey back (along with all that positive reinforcement from playing with the pack once he was able), our pal Neal became the fastest three-legged pooch on the hill...


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