Medicare Advantage and Clover?

My husband is really on the cusp of retiring. I admit I find all the literature/ads from so many companies about health insurance is more than I can deal with. I would be for single payer just to avoid this experience. Have been bombarded by "Clover" billboards and stuff in the mail. So much so that it makes me suspicious. Does anyone know anything about this?

It is a new start-up that is 'technology driven'.....therefore, no track record.  This article was cited and linked on Clover's website in the About Us pages:

(Many of the recent start-ups related to Obamacare are struggling financially and some are closing down. )

As you look through the Medicare and You book that the government sends each year please note that all of the health plans in the back of the book are Medicare Advantage Plans and there is no pricing or listing of the traditional Medicare Supplement Plans, some of which may be more suitable for your husband's current or future needs since they do not restrict you to a predetermined network.  Over the past several years the networks of some of the NJ Medicare Advantage Plans have shrunk and offer little flexibility.

eta:  Yes, this whole process is mind-numbing and a good argument for single-payer.

Good luck.

Note too that if you are seeking a Medigap policy, the exact same policies are offered by different providers for greatly different prices!!

Also, one more tip: Note that there are deadlines for enrolling in Medicare, and if you miss the deadlines, there are penalties. Part A is free. Part B you pay for.

I turned 65 earlier this year and already enrolled in Part A. Hubby will probably work for at least this year, so there is no rush. Just trying to think forward. I feel like an ostrich. 

So you know the drill already.

look on, they have information to compare used to be that they only had HMOs for they have some of them is just changing names, another is brand doctors weren't on their list, but they say I can go to any medicare doc and be covered the sounds fishy.

the good news is you can always change next year..

you get traditional medicare (A,B, D) or an Advantage part C.

then there are the supplemental plans..when i checked into that about 5 years was about 225/month for supplemental..IN ADDITION to medicare premiums...

as i have never spent more than 125/month...usually less on office/visits copays it does not pay to have the supplemental/medigap...i qualify for charity care for hospitalization copays.

There are a range of Medigap plans, with varying cost and coverage. No one size fits all. 

An ADHD brain like mine really needs single payer or great wealth.

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