Matt Harvey now a Red

The whole thing is a shame.  He doesn't have the character needed to handle the pressure, but the Mets should never have let him go past 180 innings in 2015.  Typical sputtering out of a star for the Mets.  Remember, Joel Youngblood was going to save the team.  Now we can't beat Cincinnati.

no one will ever know if pitching deep in the postseason in '15 caused Harvey to develop TOS in '16.  But we have to remember that by the end of the '15 season, Harvey was two full years removed from TJ surgery. If he wasn't going to go all out by then, when was he?  

Personally I don't think the workload was related.  A typical cause of TOS is over-muscularity in the upper torso region.  So it's not usually a stress-related malady.  Harvey developed the condition because he was a big strong, muscular guy, and those muscles pinched off nerves in his arm.

Human beings like to think everything can be controlled if we just make all the right decisions.  But sometimes things just happen.  I can't blame the team for trying to win a WS in '15, and I can't blame Harvey for wanting to keep pitching.  

I'd like to see him fix his problems and pitch well again, and maybe he will.  Probably not this year, given that his agent has been hinting that the issue is that Harvey's nerves in his hand still haven't completely regenerated post-surgery.  Until he has complete feeling in his hand, I don't see how he can pitch effectively.  Which is why the Mets couldn't continue to let him pitch.  He wasn't likely to work things out through pitching in games that count.

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