Maplewoodstock T-shirt contest - due 2/15

Submit your design by Sunday, Feb 15, 2015, at 11:59 pm.

It must be a digitally-created (almost camera-ready) concept design in JPG or PNG format. If your design is chosen, you will then be asked to supply a final digital, layered, color-separated within the week of the winning decision.
•Must say “Maplewoodstock” and “July 9 & 10, 2015? on it.
•Should convey a community music and art festival (we’re not a bowling tournament).
•Must work on a variety of backgrounds (e.g., white, black, pink, blue).
•Limited to 4 colors and 2 additional shades of the 4.
•Yes, you can submit more than one design.

There is a second t-shirt design chosen for kids and our “Kid Zone” . . . so youthful, playful designs welcome for the kids wear. Same rules as above.

Thirdly, we have a Lawn Sign design contest. Same rules as above, but the lawn sign dimensions are 24" (wide) x 18" (wide).

I'd like to volunteer for judging the wet competition. Adult that is.

Any info about the event this year to inform the design... aside from it being the 13th Year?

Any chance you can post past winners. If not all, maybe a few?

ml1 said:

it's the 12 year.

Oh yeah. How could I forget. "Going to 11" and all.

It would be nice to know what might make this year stand out thematically:

World music/diversity?
Who's the headliner?
What types of food and vendors will be there?
... etc

Year 5:

Year 6:

Year 7:

The 2012 one is still my favorite.

Jamie, is there a prize?

Here's the official page for the contest:

There isn't a monetary prize - as mention on the page . . .

What do you get?
The adoration and appreciation of the town.
Named credit on the design / t-shirts and Program Booklet.
Bragging rights for the rest of your life and a spot in Maplewoodstock history.

All details on our official website at

Cheap Bastards.

Oh wait, that's the name of my band.

Oh wait, I don't have a band but if I did I would call it "Prehensile" ( I just like sound of the word).
Ok wait, that's a non-sequitur (which is another good name for a band).

ridski said:

The 2012 one is still my favorite.

party like there's no tomorrow

So what won? And can we see the losing submissions?

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