Maplewoodstock 2022 canopy lottery

This year Maplewoodstock is piloting a new, more organized, less sleep-deprived, and safer way to ensure that all Maplewood and South Orange residents have a fair and equal opportunity for canopy space at the festival.

Lottery entry will be open from 11 AM on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, until 11 AM Saturday, June 25, 2022. “Winners” and “Wait Listers” will be notified by Monday, June 27, 2022.

To register for the Maplewoodstock Canopy Lottery:

- Visit to to register online;
- Visit the Hilton branch of the Maplewood library or the South Orange library to obtain and submit a paper registration; or
- Call our "canopy hotline" at (973) 944-0764 and leave a voicemail with your name and phone number; someone will get back to you to complete the registration.

Official Canopy Lottery rules can be found at

"Now I've been lookin' for a tent, but it's hard to find
There's Winners” and Wait Listers
And I'm south of the line
Well, I'm tired of gettin' caught out on the losin' end
But I talked to a man last night, gonna do a little favor for him"

My tent is gonna be big.  Real big.

BarneyGumble said:

My tent is gonna be big.  Real big.

As in - the full 10 x 10 size?  cheese

Canopies may be up to 10’x10’ in size and will be placed adjacent to each other as in past years.

I think Maplewoodstock should install a dome over Memorial Park

A reminder - you have until 11am Saturday to enter the lottery:

Are you supposed to receive any type of confirmation that your lottery entry was received or do we just wait until the results are posted and hope we won? 

I have to check on the confirmation process. 

As far as winners:

Winners will be randomly selected by computer drawing. Winners (and wait list members) will be notified by Monday, June 27, 2022 and upon confirmation by the winner, the winner will be given a number indicating their order of set-up (i.e., lower numbered winners will set up their canopies before higher numbered winners).

At least I know my entry was received  long face

Thanks to the organizers for doing this.  I coordinated with some friends and fortunately one person has a space for Saturday and another has a space for Sunday. 

No system is perfect, but this gives more people an opportunity and prevents people from hogging prime spots for the entire weekend.

I voluntarily donated when I entered and believe that the lottery could be used for fundraising.

Looking forward to a great weekend of music.

Thank you to the organizers for allowing us to have a “Senior tent” again  this year.  This is a canopy with chairs provided for seniors so they don’t have to lug chairs down to Maplewoodstock.  

I'm curious what happened yesterday with the notification emails ... any info on that?  (First set said one thing, then there was a retraction, followed by another set of emails with the correct info.)

sac said:

I'm curious what happened yesterday with the notification emails ... any info on that?  (First set said one thing, then there was a retraction, followed by another set of emails with the correct info.)

All my emails said I was out of luck. Hopefully no one won a spot and then it got retracted.

From the Canopy committee:

Thank you so much for participating in our first Maplewoodstock Canopy Lottery. Over 500 Maplewood and South Orange residences submitted entries, and we've done our best to accommodate as many families as possible. To this end, we've increased the number of canopy locations from approximately 75 to 115, and also ensured that no entrant won twice while others did not win at all.

We strongly encourage everyone to speak to their neighbors - it's likely you know someone who won (or someone who didn't), and sharing canopy space is the Maplewoodstock way!

If you entered the lottery and did NOT receive confirmation of your lottery results for Saturday and/or Sunday, please email and we'll get you the information you need. And winners/waitlisters, please don't forget to click the confirmation link in the email you received to let us know you plan to use your canopy spot (or to let us know you can't attend!). We've already heard from several lottery winners who can no longer use their spots which will allow others to move from the wait list to "winner" and those who didn't win to move onto the wait list.

A final reminder to check out the lottery rules and FAQs at

The answers to most questions (including the fact that lottery wins can't be transferred/traded/exchanged/sold) can be found there.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding!

The Maplewoodstock Canopy Committee

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