Maplewood Porchfest returns Sunday September 4!

The fifth annual Maplewood Porchfest will take place on Labor Day Sunday, September 4 , from 1-5 PM with the rain date of Monday, September 5.

Stroll the Hilton neighborhood and enjoy a wide array of musical entertainment on porches along the way. A family honk parade on Lexington Ave. opens the event at 12:30pm (a rehearsal in front of the community center at Dehart Park starts at noon). All are welcome- bring your own instrument/noisemaker or just come to clap and march!

The event is free. For more information as well as event updates, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and go to

Can't wait till Porchfest! As an annual free/commercial free event, it's extra important that we take care of the Hilton neighborhood and each other.

* Do not park in front of our Porchfest porches - you will see the police signs. You can park in any other (legal) spot on the streets.

* Please follow each porch's lead as per where to stand or sit - they are kindly lending all of us their property! With that in mind, with any trash look for their garbage can or take it with you.

* Barricades and cones will block traffic, but still please be safe and remain aware of cars etc.!

* Although we have no more covid guidelines to follow outside, please respect and follow protocols around anyone wearing a mask.

* Thirsty/hungry along your route? Buy from lemonade stands for charity - they give their proceeds to so many good causes! They are listed on the map.

* Last, if you can please show the performers your appreciation by giving a few bucks when they "pass the hat" (or put it on their venmo if it's posted).


p.s. RAIN in the forecast? Look for an announcement on social media and our web site by 9am Sunday if we are rescheduling to Monday.

Hi! I’m wondering how Porchfest went? Please tell those of us who couldn’t attend

joanne said:

Hi! I’m wondering how Porchfest went? Please tell those of us who couldn’t attend

I got to see the end of DC & The Desperados and a few songs by Big Train. Some technical difficulties, but they sounded very good. My kids weren't handling the heat so well so we only ended up being there for a little over an hour. Looked like decent sized crowds at each spot. It's a great event! 

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