Maplewood Man missing found dead, possibly drowned in flood.

Maplewood PD: Maplewood Resident Found Deceased Following Storm Ida

On September 1, 2021 at approximately 930pm the Maplewood Police Department received a missing person report from a resident of Maple Terrace. The caller reported that her husband went outside during the rain storm for about an hour and had not returned. Officers and Fire Rescue Personnel along with neighbors conducted a thorough check of the surrounding areaand were unable to locate him due to dark and hazardous flood conditions. The following morning at about 712am, Patrols located an individual who appeared to be deceased in the area of 658 Ridgewood Road. EMS and advanced life support were dispatched to the scene. The victim was pronounced deceased by medical personnel on scene. It is believed that he may have been attempting to remove debris from drains in the area and was suddenly swept up into dangerous flood waters. The Regional Medical Examiner responded to the scene and transported the victim to their facility to determine the cause of death. Detectives later confirmed this person as the missing resident reported the prior evening.

Chief Jim DeVaul

Maplewood Police

Heartbreaking news.  We will need to wait for further updates from authorities to know what happened.

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