Liver cancer

Hi.  I am sitting in a hospital with my brother for the third or fourth day.  He is waiting for a biopsy on some growths in his liver that were found after about three months of serious illness.  The Google research I did really does not reassure me.  He doesn't drink much and never smoked.  Has anyone been through this with a relative?  Is it survivable, or eventually fatal?  Thanks.

There are some amazing treatments now, and new information on individualising treatments for better outcomes is implemented all the time. 
My David’s bowel cancer, a few years ago, kept trying to invade his liver. He had some surgery & chemo; modified his diet, and is monitored for new growths. He’s overweight but fine. 
My niece is a top cancer researcher (just received more funding for her lab’s current projects). One of the other labs in her Institute is working on liver cancers; they’re being funded for multi-nation  human trials next year. 
i know the healthcare networks and patient supports in our two nations can seem vastly different. And this is a wildly scary time. Try to relax (you take in more info when you’re relaxed), and stay optimistic. I’m happy to stay in touch offlist re support etc. 
You’ve got this!  wink  wink both of you

- J, a Cancer Sister

This is very general, beyond liver cancer, but they seem to have turned a corner in recent years with "smart" targeted treatments for cancer (I'm not talking about stem cells).   Just before the pandemic, one of my neighbors discover he had stage 4 cancer that spread all over - bones, bowels etc.  He is now cancer free and has been for a while.  I also know some who lived well for years with lung cancer with such treatments. 

Is he overweight with fatty liver? That's a risk factor for liver cancer and one of the reasons there's a lot of liver cancer these days.

Well, he's gone.  We got him home for a day of hospice.

Condolences.  May his memory be a blessing.

DanDietrich said:

Well, he's gone.  We got him home for a day of hospice.

So sorry for your loss. Cancer is the worst. I had two family members who died from kidney cancer. It’s devastating.

Very sorry for your loss Dan. 

I’m so sorry. A shock like this can be a terrible burden for everyone. I’m glad you could be there with him. 

Oh, Dan! So sad to read this news. As said above, may his memory be a blessing. 

My condolences, Dan.

I'm very sorry. It happened so quickly which makes it harder. 

So sorry to hear. Condolences to you and your family.

So sorry for your loss.

My condolences, Dan.  It's nice that you were there to help him.

yahooyahoo said:

My condolences, Dan.  It's nice that you were there to help him.

Well said. My condolences Dan.

Sorry for your loss Dan

I'm so sorry, Dan. I wish you peace. 

My condolences. So sorry for your loss.

My condolences.  LOL

Dan I’m so sorry. That’s so horrible for you and your family. My condolences. 

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