Likely Heavy Rain Thursday 10/29 - Friday 10/30

Hurricane Zeta, currently located in the Gulf of Mexico, has the potential to cross the US and come at us as a fairly significant rainfall on Thursday 10/29 in the afternoon. Chance of rain increases overnight Thursday and into Friday morning. Total rainfall of 1 - 3 inches.

Also overnight Thursday winds are likely to increase to near tropical storm level, and Friday will continue windy even after the rain tapers off. Temperatures will drop Friday and by evening the last remnants of the precipitation could be light snow.

Little or no flood risk beyond the normal nuisance pooling in the parks and whatever is caused by blocked storm sewers (hint hint rake out the storm grates people don't expect the town to do everything for you)

Current forecast puts the remnants of hurricane Zeta just south of the MAPSO area tomorrow, Thursday Oct 29. We should still expect several hours of rain Thursday afternoon and evening for a total of 1 - 2 inches but the winds should only be in the 10 - 20 mph range. Rain and wind should taper off during the day on Friday

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