Judge Throws Out Brady Suspension.


A federal judge on Thursday threw out Tom Brady's four-game suspension in Deflate-Gate.
Judge Richard Berman of Manhattan federal court announced the decision after the league and the players union, representing the star quarterback, failed to reach a settlement of their bitter dispute.
The league suspended Brady after concluding that he and two New England Patriots equipment managers conspired to let air out of footballs before the AFC championship game in January, presumably to make them easier to grip.

Brady has said that nobody employed by the Patriots did anything wrong.
The judge came out strongly in Brady's favor, slamming the NFL for the way it handled the scandal.

The ruling means Brady would be eligible to play in seven days, when the Patriots open their defense of their Super Bowl title against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The NFL should toss Goodell

And in related business news, cellphone companies scramble to sign Brady as new spokesperson.

Ugh What a mess. I think the equipment managers have already been fired based on Captain Forehead's texts. Yet no punishment for the golden boy. Plus his model wife got implants in the offseason. He really lives a charmed life.

I hope his wife gets a giant zit on her forehead

The NFL created the mess, not the Patriots. The balls always should have been handled by the league , and not each team. and all Goodell had to do from day one was say going forward, the footballs would no longer be handled by each team that he was fining the Patriots because they had no way of knowing who was involved in letting the air out of some balls or who gave the orders, etc.

Login123 said:
I hope his wife gets a giant zit on her forehead

Yes. I hope she leaves him and marries Peyton Manning. (Or Fred Manning).

Is anyone really surprised?

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