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On another thread we were reminiscing about MOL yesteryear with all the great posters who were once regulars here. One guy not mentioned was Joe Strupp who has gone on to write yet another book, this time  regarding the tragic unsolved murder that took place in Maplewood.  Strupp pulls no punches and even  takes on the MPD. Compelling stuff. Recommended.

Yeah, the podcast of the same name just started last month on Spotify, too. Unsolved crime stories like that can really get under your skin when they're dramatized.

This murder has always been something that haunts this town. When my kids were in Tuscan school, I would cut through Sommer avenue from Valley to Osborne, To avoid the chaos of Harvard, dropping off and picking up. And I would always look towards that house on the corner of Hubert pl and think how horrible it was for the people who lived in that house to find this girl laying in their driveway dead. She was working at a little diner in that space that is the kids clothing store Hopscotch. She then went over to the Roman gourmet ( which was a different restaurant back then I think). And that’s the last time she was seen alive. She only had to walk to Jefferson where she lived. Someone grabbed her right there on maplewood avenue, and nobody saw anything. I can imagine maplewood being a quiet dark place at night back then. 
Such a tragic story. And the frustration the family went through not getting any help from the police is just unbelievable. Makes you wonder if it was some local person with status in the town who killed her. It was an attempted rape. 
It’s good joe is still keeping this case alive. 

Maplewood Library is having a Book Talk about this book on Monday, November 15 at 7pm. 

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