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Hi there,

I've been meaning to look into this for a while now. This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know of any small. local hiking club for women? Here's my wish list: Would love to go on occassional hikes with some local women. Full disclosure: I'm in my late 50s and in pretty good, not great shape. (Like I can do the  7 miles hike to Sunfish Pond, but not easily; I enjoy a range of hikes.)

Any suggestions appreciated. If interested in starting something up, please let me know that as well.

The Sierra Club has hiking groups, although I don't know if they have one specifically for women.  They have a 50+ club and many others.

Check out this website. A very active group with all skill levels

There are a lot of hiking groups on Meetup.  I don't know if any are just for women, but it's worth checking.  I went on a great hike in South Mountain on Saturday with a really great group.  Mostly women, two men, all over 40.  Really nice people.

You can also suggest your own group on Meet-up.

Check out the group "SOMA on Foot" on Facebook.

Just got a call about a new walking group that is having its inaugural meet and greet tomorrow morning.  Sounds more gentle (walking rather than hiking) than what you may be seeking. Organizer is working with Michelle Wesley who oversees Maplewood Recreation Senior Activities so this group will  likely be aimed at the abilities of the older set.  Doubt it is specifically aimed at women but women tend to make up the majority of participants in town aided senior activities. PM me if you want details.

Thanks all. These are all great suggestions. I'm especially interested tristateramblers but will check out the other ideas.

Thank you Joan...I didn't actually see your post in time but I am looking for hiking rather than walking (although walks are nice!)

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