Ian -- Local Effects

Remnants of Tropical Storm (formally Hurricane) Ian are likely to pass south of the area this weekend, bringing rain and moderately gusting winds. A complex high pressure zone should keep the bulk of the rain south of us, but we could still see an inch or two, most likely on Saturday afternoon. Winds would likely be in thee 10 - 15mph range with 20 -25mph gusts.

Friday, Sept 30th.

A ridge of high pressure north of our area will help direct the core remnants of Ian into the Ohio Valley this weekend, but outflow moisture from the system running along the southern boundary of the high is likely to bring steady rain most of the day Saturday and moderately gusty winds in the 20 - 25mph range from Saturday afternoon through Sunday. Total rain over the two days likely to be 1.5 to 2 inches. A heavy shower or two is a possibility, but risk of flooding is low.

so how bad is it gonna be this weekend? seems bad

boookwormnj said:

so how bad is it gonna be this weekend? seems bad

Nah, just a rainy weekend here

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