Hip Hip Hooray for the New Perch Home Soft Opening!

If you haven't been yet, even if it takes a special trip, GO SEE the "NEW" Perch Home!  They had their "soft, soft" opening yesterday in their new space, (where the Indian restaurant was), across the street from their former space.  

Full disclosure: My daughter has worked at Perch Home with Michele Bessey for many years.  I've seen how hard she's worked, and her dedication to keeping Perch the special place it is.  I've watched the HUGE amount of planning, creativity, and hard work that they have put into creating this beautiful new space downtown -- with more to come in the fall.  My daughter has worked so hard and learned so much.  I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!

Ask them to tell you about the many display and decor pieces that have been reclaimed, and the work that went into making them so beautiful again.  I guarantee you'll be fascinated. 

I wish the absolute best to Michele and her entire staff who have brought this lovely addition to Maplewood's downtown.  Next time you need the perfect gift for someone special -- or a perfect "pick-me-up" for yourself -- The New Perch Home is where you'll find it.  Congratulations to ALL ... and thank you!!

The new space is absolutely beautiful, full of intriguing items.  Can't wait for the cafe inside the store to open in the Fall, but in the meantime, eating gelato at the outside tables sounds very appealing.  Congrats to your daughter, Michelle and the whole staff.  

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