Finding a "purpose/fulfillment" before or after retirement.

When my Dad retired (at age 64), besides walking his dog numerous times a day, he joined a local gym and became a volunteer instructor for seniors.  The club had a robust senior membership but my dad convinced them to allow seniors to come for free just for the class.  Worked out great for him and kept him busy three days a week. the other days he would do his bills, review investments, have lunch with me, and visit grandkids on the weekends.  He never missed my daughters events at school no matter how trivial.  

For me, I plan to volunteer for a presidential campaign.  don't ask why, just something I wish I had done in college.  after that, I plan to figure out how to shoot a round of golf with a score less than my age.  Figure if I wait till I am 90 that might happen.  oh oh

Good point NB, but isn't looking back part of that transition.  I believe there's great wisdom in making sure that our next chapter is not one of regret, rather new opportunity, but sometimes the transition takes us in both directions

thanks again for a great thread

As we drift slightly away from the OP's question, one thing I have learned as I journey through retirement is that upon retirement, the retiree loses a valuable safety net.  When you have a place to be each work day, others notice when you are absent and will follow up to ensure you are OK.  Unless you build a network of family and friends and/or get involved in the community in regularly scheduled activities, that safety net vanishes.  In my volunteer work with the senior community in Maplewood and South Orange, I have learned there are far too many retirees living alone who have no such connection.  Please don't allow yourself to become part of this statistic.

Great thread. Thinking of "retiring" soon, at least from this job. I've worked the same job for 28 years; it's enough and the commute is hellishly long. I believe I can afford it, fortunately. My big issue is what I will do when I grow up.

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