Driver for Local Errands

My better half who has some mobility issues is looking for a local person to help her with some errands, local driving to doctors, etc, Does anyone have any suggestions?

How old is your better half?  How serious is the disability?  

If you better half meets the definition of an older adult (previously called senior), Essex County Special Transportation may help for doctors appointments.  For shopping needs, a number of our local towns have senior transportation service provided the passenger is going within the town or to shopping destinations that are served periodically by the town service. Both options have limited hours and days of availability. Not all are ADA compliant.  

If the mobility issue is serious enough to qualify for a handicapped tag and both the other half's residence and the other half's destination are within 3/4 of a mile of a local bus route, they might qualify for NJT's paratransit service.

There are also ride share services such as Ober and Lyft that will pick up at any time and go just about anywhere.  Both work off of an app.  An accessible vehicle is somewhat hit or miss. If the other half needs a vehicle that will accommodate a wheelchair or even a walker this should be specified when the request is placed.  

For more ideas, check out the transportation tab on the SOMA Two Towns For All Ages website.  

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