Biggest Big Ten Upset in 37 Years

What’s funny is that I was getting a flu shot at Town Hall around 12:30 today when I noticed the Township Committee member in front of me was wearing a Wisconsin shirt. I asked who the Badgers were playing. Penn State?

No, it’s Penn State-Michigan tonight, he said, Another T.C. member who was there said it was some team the Badgers were heavily favored over. He looked it up on his phone and saw it was Illinois. Yup, twentysomething-point underdogs, and Wisconsin was already up 7-0.

Nods all around, including me, that there was nothing to worry about.

Illinois 24, Wisconsin 23.

That ain't nuthin'. Ledger say Rutgers scored a touchdown in yesterday's game. Don't quote that until it i verified.

YUGE win for Illinois.  Another year of disappointment for Wisconsin fans.

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