BBC's "Days that shook the world" season 1

Knowing how many Anglophiles live in the area I am hoping that someone can help. A colleague uses the segment on the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand from this BBC series and his very old VHS tape finally died.
He looked online and the only available DVD copies are not compatible with US DVD players.
It is available through Netflix and Amazon Prime, but we like to have an actual copy for those many days when the internet is slow or dysfunctional.
Does anyone have a U.S. compatible copy they are willing to sell?

If you can't find a compatible copy, you can always get a multi-region DVD player for very little money.

I don't have an answer for you, but I want to watch that show.

I may be able to arrange one to be made from a videoholic (word?) colleague in the UK if you can wait a bit.

Your DVD player *might* have a region unlock code. You press a sequence of buttons on your remote and it'll work. Try looking here and see if your model is listed:

Otherwise pol100gk is correct in saying that region-free players aren't terribly expensive (less than $40 on Amazon).

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