Basic bike maintenance/tune-up

bought all our bikes at high gear bc of the free basic service.  Hilltop quoted me something like $130 (if I recall) per bike.  Just looking to get get family bikes running well for summer.  

Any advice on how/where to bring or learn DIY?  Lost. Without high gear. 

I too was thrown off by high gears closure, right around this time last year. Tried urban cyclery in e. Orange and I would recommend. I took my bike in a couple times, once for a tune up once for a repair — solid, reasonably priced service, friendly knowledgeable staff, and quick turnaround time. 

These guys are great! And just around the corner.

I too was pleased with Urban. Free pickup and delivery as well, I believe.

Working on bikes is easy and satisfying.  Have a look here: and note that they make tools, so they may recommend more specialized tools than what you really need.

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