Baseball Fan Etiquette Advice Needed

The Red Sox season is beyond redemption. Does this make it ok for this Red Sox fan to root for them to lose to Toronto tonight?

Along with, of course, hoping Sabbathia continues to be mediocre as he has most of the year.

There is no etiquette in baseball.

Aside from winning, there's no greater calling for a Boston sports fan than rooting against the Yankees and/or Lakers


In the state where I attended college, there is an old maxim known as ABC: Anybody But Carolina. (ABD, the maxim on the specific patch of the state that I found myself, does not have the same ring to it but is equally powerful.)

I think ABY covers you.

I am sure whatever team you root against will win.

Nothing wrong in a Boston loss when it hurts the Yankees. cheese

Going to the Yank game tonight. Do NOT need all these negative vibes. Let's Go Yankees (and LGM too) Let's Go New Yawk!!!

That's the spirit, Soul_29.

Hey @LL, I'm going to the game too. Bringing a poncho and umbrella - its raining in Manhattan right now.

Hey @sarahzm, wish it HAD been rained out. YUCK! (and besides , we were the first row under the overhand on the ground level..wouldn't have been so bad) But thankls for the heads up!

Great game. And I guess I am happy Big Papi hit another dinger.

Does 'Sabbathia' only pitch on Saturdays?

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