Bald Eagles on the Hackensack River

Traditionally Tabby and I visit the Raptor Trust on New Year's Day.  They are currently closed to the public due to Covid-19, so we had to find another destination this year.

There is a community of bald eagles on the Hackensack River, in a 28 acre park/nature preserve immediately behind a shopping center on Route 4 in Teaneck, so we headed there instead.  By entering from several sides, we managed to see several eagles - though we could not get quite as close as we had hoped for.

The area is fully developed, but there is considerable wild life.  The weather was gray and dreary, but with the help of my 500 mm lense, I managed to get a few shots.

Great photos. They are so extraordinary. 

I suspect there are now about 250 pair of nesting Bald Eagles in N.J.

I was just looking on the map.  Where do you park to access that area?

yahooyahoo said:

I was just looking on the map.  Where do you park to access that area?

We started using the parking deck behind the mall (The Shops at Riverside, on Route 4).  From there, we walked into the Hackensack River County Park.  From the middle observation deck, we could see the eagles way off to the north (up river), up by the recycling center.

Exiting towards the condominiums, we made a (illegal) right, and went to a dead end in an industrial area.  From there we had a good view of part of the river.  I got close-up of eagle in tree from there.

We tried the road to 'New Bridge' (which is closed).  Interesting area with historical buildings (we are going back in the spring), but we couldn't get close to the river.

Finally, we took 503/10 across the river, and turned south on River Road.  There we found a couple of places to stop, and found eagles in both areas.

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