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Full Service Oil Change
When it comes to routine maintenance, changing your oil is one of the more inexpensive services. Despite its relatively low cost, oil plays a vital, multifaceted role in your engine, and spending a little money on routine oil changes can help prevent you from forking over large sums of cash down the road.
Not only do we use high quality oil, and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) oil filter, but we take the time and care with your car to identify problems or other required services. Every oil change we do we make sure to do a 21 point inspection (wheels, tire pressures, brakes, etc…), clean the water/sunroof drains, and check if you need your fluids topped off.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics
The check engine light is designed to be a way your vehicle can let you know when something is not right. While it may be something simple, it is always best to give your check engine light the benefit of the double and take it seriously. Before the problem escalates into expensive damage it is best to get your check engine light properly diagnosed.

It doesn’t matter if your check engine light is on for a loose gas cap, or need internal engine repairs. L&J Motors has the up-to-date equipment needed to help diagnose your cars trouble codes.

Headlight Restoration
Replacing faded headlights can get very expensive especially on new cars that have headlights with computers/control modules in them. With L&J Motors Headlight Restoration process we can take care of your old faded/cloudy headlights and make them look like new. After we restore and clean your headlights we will put a coat of UV protection to keep them looking new.

The main reason headlamp lenses begin to opaque/yellow/cloud/fog/occlude is due to their interaction with ultra-violet (UV) radiation, exposure to exhaust, extreme temperatures, salt, grime, oil, acid rain, etc. Over time due to all those elements your headlights can end up looking pretty dirty.

Pre-Purchase Inspection
It’s necessary to get a pre-purchase inspection done before buying a used car because you don’t want to end up with a vehicle full of expensive to remedy mechanical and safety issues that are not evident to the casual eye. Finding minor flaws with a used car can also be helpful to negotiate a better price with the previous owner, or request that repairs be done before you purchase the vehicle.

When we perform a pre-purchase inspection we make sure to look at your car from front to back. A full multi-point inspection will be performed, as well as a diagnostic test of the cars trouble codes, and control modules. Some items that we will be able to identify while doing a pre-purchase inspection is, visual problems with the body/frame, leaks or broken components, poor repair work, flood damage, and much more.

Maintenance and Scheduled Service
No matter what vehicle you drive, you will have to do maintenance and services. Keeping up with these scheduled services for your car is the key to keeping your car healthy, spare you from potential problems in the future, and definitely worth the investment. If you put off scheduled services on your car you could end up spending thousands of dollars later on because of it.

Every make, and model vehicle has varying times/mileage that your car has to be serviced at. You can normally find the services intervals for your car inside the owner’s manual for your car, but if you are unsure we can help determine what service(s) your car needs.

Most Common Maintenance/Services
Engine Tune-Up
Spark Plugs
Transmission Service
Air Filter Replacement
Brake Fluid Flush
Differential Fluid Change
Transfercase Fluid Change
Tire Balancing/Rotation
Timing Belt Work
Engine Oil and Filter Change
A/C Freon Charge